Coffee bag.  Containing Ethiopia coffee 12oz. bag.

SUNSPRESSO™, Ethiopia, Haro Lebetu Uraga

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About this coffee:  This current coffee offering is from Ethiopia.  These coffees are excellent complex flavors, both floral and sweet. This coffee was grown in the forests surrounding Yabitu Koba, Larcho Torka, and Layo Teraga. 

Washed and dried on raised beds.  Flavor notes of Blueberry, Earl Grey, and Peach.

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Packaging & Shipping : Our roasted coffee is sealed in a resealable bag with a degassing valve to ensure freshness and our goal is to ship within 1 day of roasting within the US.

Why choose us?

Specialty Coffee Grade Coffee Beans

We work with prestigious coffee importers to obtain the best green coffee beans available and roast them to the optimum degree. We consistently sample our roasted coffee to ensure quality. 

Our Commitment to Coffee Farmers

A portion of all sales is donated to Food 4 Farmers. Your purchase helps to improve the quality of life for coffee growers and their families by combating seasonal hunger in their communities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Diana drew

Loved it. So smooth

Ethiopian Excitement!

Exciting flavor with a very pleasant aftertaste!

Lori Connell
My nose and palate says YES!

Excellent coffee. Nothing better than whole beans and certainly nothing better than Merrifield. Their suppliers are awesome.

Tadia Franko
Mmmm I could taste it before I opened the package

Absolutely loved the coffee! It was amazing, had an amazing taste and flavor. I’m a biggg coffee drinker so this was amazing!! ♥️

Ryan Scully

"Thank you for the extremely fresh and delicious coffee. I will be ordering more soon. Special thanks for sending it all the way to Japan!"